Tub and Shower Niche

Tub and Shower Niche

A permanent recessed shelf to hold bathing essentials (also called a niche) is a great way to add storage space to your tub or shower. This feature can be easily integrated into your Palisade project.

Although Palisade tiles are 100% waterproof when used with SilTex 40 in the seams, we recommend you follow your local building codes for wet environments like shower and tub enclosures. We recommend a 100% waterproof substrate that will prevent water from getting behind potentially unsealed areas that would cause mold or other damage.

Acceptable waterproof substrates: existing ceramic tile walls, Cement Board®, Schluter Kerdi Board®, GP DensShield®, Johns Manville GoBoard®, HardieBacker®, Fiberock® and equivalent products. Always follow manufacturer’s installation instructions to create a waterproof enclosure.

There are three different ways to install a recessed niche into a tub or shower.

1. Stainless-steel or plastic preformed products (e.g., ALFI®)

2. Preformed membrane products (e.g., EZ-Niches®)

3. Custom-built niches covered with Palisade tiles

For stainless-steel or plastic preformed products,

(e.g., ALFI), always follow manufacturer’s instructions for the best outcome. The preformed product should be installed over Paliade tiles.

Palisade tiles should cover the substrate to the niche opening before preformed products are installed.
Apply sealant to all edges where niche meets Palisade tiles.

For preformed membrane products

(e.g., EZ-Niches) always follow manufacturer’s instructions for the best outcome. Palisade tiles should be placed over the preformed membrane.

Use a piece of paper as a template for your Palisade tile inserts for the membrane product (A inset). Cut them to fit and affix with recommended adhesive (B).

Insert preformed membrane with Palisade tile applied into niche opening.

Cut edge trims to fit niche edges. Affix with adhesive. After adhesive has set up, apply sealant around trim edges.
Apply sealant to all edges where niche meets Palisade tiles.
Apply Palisade tiles over membrane lip. Continue applying tiles to complete project. Apply sealant to edges, corners and anywhere else water could penetrate.

For a custom-built niche, finished with Palisade

Decide on a location for the niche. The back third of the side or rear wall of the shower is best, as these locations receive the least amount of water. Tip: In colder climates, avoid locating on outside wall to retain insulation behind it.

Construct a framed box between the wall studs.
Line framed structure with waterproof board and seal joints with sealant, ensuring a waterproof seal.
Cut sections of Palisade to line the inside of the nice. Measure and cut Palisade tiles so that they terminate at the niche opening. Apply a generous amount of the approved adhesive to the rear of the Palisade tiles to ensure proper adhesion over the ledge of the niche (where it transitions from the water board to the niche). Adhere tile pieces to the inside of the niche.
Seal joints with silicone sealant, ensuring a waterproof seal.
Cut and miter trim to treat the 90 degree connection point of the Palisade tiles. When dried, apply bead of sealant at the inside corners of the niche.