Palisade tiles can be applied over existing tile, eliminating the need for removal or demolition. Just add a head of silicone sealant at each joint and they are 100% waterproof and ideal for moist or wet environments, even showers.

Fasade wall panels are offered in numerous styles and colors to accent or complement any decor scheme. Available in flexible 4 x 8-foot sheets, they are easy to handle and simple to install, without the challenges of metal, including corrosion.

Infuse any space with the warm, unique look of Aspect Peel & Stick panels. Made of real wood, these multi-dimensional mosaic-style panels add depth and character to rooms quickly and easily. Simply peel off adhesive backing and stick to walls.

Rustic Grove wood planks allow you to add timeless beauty to walls. Made of 100 percent reclaimed wood, no two pieces are alike so it’s easy to add character to any space. Available in four colors, Rustic Grove wood planks install with adhesive or brad nails.