Palisade Wall Tiles


Palisade wall tiles are the easy way to add style to any room, without the hassle of a complicated tile installation.

  • Large Tiles (14.8″ x 25.6″) sold in 8-Packs. 21 sq. ft. per pack
  • Small Tiles (11.1″ x 23.2″) sold in 10-packs. 17.9 sq. ft. per pack
  • Samples are 4″ x 7″
  • Included in the Palisade Tub & Shower Kit:
      • 32 Palisade Large Tiles (4 packs of 8 tiles) OR 40 Palisade Small Tiles (4 packs of 10 tiles)
      • 2 tubes of SilTex 40 Siliconized Acrylic Latex (sealant)
      • 5 tubes of Manus 75-AM HV (adhesive)
      • 2 (94-inch) Matching Inside corner trims
      • 2 (94-inch) Matching J-trims (for termination edges)
      • 2 (94-inch) Matching L-trims (for use with edges over existing tile)

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Perfect for wet areas like baths, kitchens and basements, Palisade waterproof grout-free wall tiles repel water and resist mold and mildew. A typical installation takes much less time than a traditional tile project because they do not require grout. Simply click interlocking joints into place. With many versatile colors to choose from, Palisade tiles add style and sophistication to any space while remaining easy to keep clean.

Make & Model
Brand Palisade
Country of Origin USA
SKU 53000 - 53011 (large) | 53500 - 53511(small)
Colors Ashen Slate, Grecian Earth, Frost Nickel, Louvre Granite, Hermitage Granite, Prado Granite, Wind Gust, Rain Cloud, Wintry Mix, Adobe Drift, Carrara Marble, Venetian Marble
Material PVC
Product Length 25.85 (large) | 23.2 (small)
Product Width 15 (large) | 11.1 (small)
Product Height 0.2
Weight 3.24 lbs (large) | 2.39 lbs (small)



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