Partner Testimonials

Genesis Ceiling Panels

We have been using your ceiling tiles for over a year and a half now. We started using them in the high-condensation areas (air intakes & air vents). We were replacing these tiles every 1 to 2 weeks in the summertime. We also used them where we have common roof leaks and replaced them where other leaks have sprung up. The cost savings on the high-condensation areas has saved my company 5 to 10 times (and climbing) the dollar amount it was costing with the other tiles we were using. Your tiles are not being replaced; they are taken down and wiped dry and put back into place. Same thing goes with the ones where leaks have reoccurred. A few weeks ago I was walking by the one that we first installed and noticed that none of the patterns have faded nor warped. I was impressed! We will keep using these because of the cost savings and the life of your product.

Bobby Herron,
Facilities Manager
Tyson Foods
Green Forest, AR

We purchased and installed several Genesis ceiling panels in our facility, replacing those that were stained and warped due to high moisture levels. The Genesis product was very easy to install, durable, and virtually stain resistant. In addition to the tiles, we purchased ceiling grid covers that were also easy to install and saved us time and money in making our ceilings look like a ceiling in a food manufacturing facility should look like. The advertisement states “your last ceiling panel” and I agree, these panels should last for years. We are very satisfied with your product.

John Slinger
Del Monte
Markesan, WI

Overall, we love your products at our Dunedin store. We like the grid a lot; it’s very easy to clean. The white flat tiles are great, and very easy to clean and change if need be. Trimming to fit around monitor down posts or around power boxes has been very simple. The diffusers have been great as well; again, simple to keep clean is the biggest plus.

John Frost
Frost Management
Lutz, FL

The Genesis ceiling tiles are working out great. I no longer get any complaints from the kitchen that they can’t clean the ceiling tiles anymore. We own multiple properties and will be putting the Genesis tiles in those kitchens as well.

George Strileckis
Chief Engineer
Mariott Hotels
Hartford, MA

We were very happy with the product. The Genesis panels were recently tested by a storm that came through that caused a leak. They passed with flying colors. We will be putting in another order within a month.

Joe Tortolano
Chief Engineer
Crown Plaza
Warwick, RI

We wanted to let you know that all of our customers that made the decision to put in your Genesis PVC ceiling tiles seem to be very happy with them. The fact that they can be cleaned with pretty much any type of cleaner and are 100% waterproof is a real plus to our clients. To date we have installed these tiles in many hotels. The installation crews love how easy the tile is to work with and how quickly they are able to install it which, of course, helps our bottom line.

Brian Rutledge
Ceil Tex, Inc
Houston, TX

We are very happy with the Genesis ceiling tiles. Right now we are primarily using them wherever we have a camera placed and over food prep areas. We haven’t done a whole store yet, but plan to in the future. It’s a great product, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rob Brown
Operations Engineer
Abel Oil Co, Inc.
Louisiana, MO

We at the University at Buffalo discovered your Stucco Pro White ceiling tiles roughly five years ago. We were using a Ceramaguard 2’x2’ tile in our bathrooms here at the University at Buffalo and they simply did not hold up. They were dirty to cut and cracked and stained very easily. We installed your 2’x2’ Stucco Pro White PVC ceiling tiles and they are great. They are lightweight but tough. They do not stain and are easily cleaned up if they do get dirty. They are easy to install, and the fact that they have a Class A fire rating is perfect for a university. We are very happy with this product and the clean installation of it. No more dust and crumbs falling in your eyes when you install these. They are very reasonably priced. The Stucco Pro White 2’x2’ PVC tile are a great fit here at University at Buffalo.

Gordon A. Storms
Maintenance Supervisor
Universaty at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

The problem we faced was one of moisture and clearance. The moisture problem was solved but there wasn’t enough clearance to install the same acoustical ceiling tile once the damaged one was removed. I was able to use your product and it matched so well it was hardly noticeable. The Genesis product solved a dilemma for us and actually raised morale by allowing us to correct a long-standing problem. Employees were relieved that something was finally done about this issue. ACP employees are very attentive to their customer and their needs. Prior to placing an order the salesperson insured I was ordering the correct product and reviewed all particulars with me – a benefit for first-time purchasers. We will be purchasing for future projects and will recommend the product.

Ramon Ybarra
Facilities Manager
Williamsburg, PA

Genesis tiles are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to cut and install. You have a choice in 2×2 or 2×4 and they come in a few different colors which is nice for the customer to look at. I have installed these tiles in restaurants like Earle, Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons, and my own basement ceiling. You never have a problem with water damage and that’s great.

Barry Law
Ceiltech of Western Canada
Alberta, Canada

I have to say the product is exceptional. The easy installation was quick and painless with no mess. We installed this in an employee cafeteria we recently renovated. The location is below our main kitchen. Of course we have backed up drains periodically. When the tiles got wet and dirty, it was so easy to clean up/wash down the tiles and reinstall. We had the fire marshal come through for one of the inspections and first thing he asked was about the fire rating. He was also impressed with the NFPA rating, not to mention how nice it looked in the space. Included in all of my first impressions was the savings down the road with replacement from water damage. What a savings this will be for us. We are going to be changing all of our service area ceilings to this product because of the positive feedback and obvious benefits of using this ceiling tile. I do appreciate your support in the past and currently. After seeing the new line of product variety we are considering some public applications as well now. I am going to forward this email to our designer for consideration in using the Genesis product line.

Chris Rudy
Director of Engineering
InterContinental Hotels Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

We installed the Genesis in our employee dining room, back service halls, kitchen areas, fitness locker rooms, and food storerooms. The tiles look great in either the plain white or with the textured look. We also use the ACP air supply vents and air returns for our HVAC system to replace the metal vents. It cleaned up the hotel areas, made them look much nicer and is much easier to clean. We love the material and the way it looks; it has exceeded our expectations I have used this product for many years and at many different type of buildings, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and will continue to use this product

John Tucker
Chief Engineer
Intercontinental Hotel
Milwaukee, WI

The customer experience is great with these ceiling tiles. They are bright, white and look really good in the ceiling. They really provide a better shopping experience for our consumers. We also found there is less maintenance with ACP products. We will never have to replace ceiling tiles again. With every store remodel going forward, our plan is to use Genesis ceiling panels

Roger Lowe, Jr.
Vice President/CEO
Lowe’s Market
Littlefield, TX

Genesis is great for the restaurant industries. We have done three of our stores so far and have three on schedule. Just knowing that when we do have any leaks it will save money on maintenance fees but will save the ceiling tile as well. I highly recommend the product for any restaurant chain or owners.

David Shotwell
Director, Construction & Facilities
Biscuitville, Greensboro, NC

Fasade Decorative Thermoplastic Panels

We were absolutely thrilled with our order. Your product was easy to install, flexible and was a joy to work with. Although the application that we used your product for is outside of the normal use since it is being used to create beautiful saltwater aquarium tank cabinets, we are confident that it will outlast than any other traditional wood cabinetry given the potential damp nature of our industry. We feel that your diverse product line will allow us to give our customers a “Wow Factor” when we design their dream aquarium. We were so impressed with your product that we plan on using it in our retail store. Thank you for all of your assistance throughout this project and we hope to install many more in the near future!

Donna Martinek
Eco Reef Corals
Venice, FL

A few years ago we remodeled our front desk and dispensary counters with ACP material. This product is relatively inexpensive,durable, and maintenance free. Because of these high qualities, we have just made a significant second purchase for additional upgrades in our beauty school. BTW, Stacy in customer service is very accommodating and the consummate professional. I thank you ACP.

CEO Acadamy of Hair Design
Las Vegas, NV

My client wanted something different for the backsplash of her newly remodeled kitchen. With the variety of choices in design and color the hardest part of this project was the decision! She loves it (and so do I)! The staff at ACP is always knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions that come up regarding my choices or installation procedures. Often, they have had personal experience with the product in their own homes, which adds merit to their instruction. On top of that, they are very friendly and personable. An easy call to make!

Jennifer Latch
J Latch Brush Werks
Pleasantville, IA

The Fasade ceiling and matching grid covers looked great. Our contractors said the tiles and covers were easy to work with and install. Great way to get the metal look without the higher cost of real metal.

Robb Siever
Projects and Facilities Manager
Aero Service Group – Stone Arch
Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

The installation was easy even for a layman like me. I was able to cut the panels for the electrical sockets with no problem, and I used double-sided tape to attach to the wall. Ten panels took me a little over an hour to install, and the results look professional! You guys are great, thanks for all your help.

Bill Kaiser
LEE Famous Donuts & Ice Cream
Libertyville, IL

We have been installing the ACP wall panels in kitchens for several years. The color and profile selection along with the ease of installation make this a popular choice for our remodeling and new construction customers.

Ken Difani
Counter Top Concepts
Pocahontas, AK

Thank you so much for your ongoing help and support. I have to say the product is exactly what our shop needed. The easy installation made the transformation of our shop look sleek, modern and was quite painless. We installed this as the front of the counter for our Smoothie Bar, and the tiles look beautiful. You helped us with outstanding customer service and getting our product out in such a timely manner. Without your help we would have never been able to open on time about us. I do appreciate your support in the past and currently. We will be telling everyone about the great products and service, and look forward to future business with you. Many thanks for a great product.

Tim Kidder
The Iron Peach Smoothies & Sports Nutrition
Warner Robins, GA

When we purchased the world-famous Avon Fishing Pier property, we inherited a restaurant on the property. Great location but the building was old and tired, inside and out. We completely remodeled the exterior, built a post and beam exterior, screened in dining room porch and did new landscaping. Inside was a bit more challenging; dealing with time and budget constraints, we had to make wise decisions. Our ceiling was an old, stained acoustic ceiling. Our restaurant is a tavern and the old ceiling just didn’t work, but the ceiling needed to remain a drop-down to accommodate the HVAC system. That is when I found the Fasade system. We chose the patina copper and it is just stunning. Guests are always surprised when they walk through the door. If they only knew what a great product it is and how and easy it is to use. We will use Fasade again when the occasion arises.

Joe Thompson
Founder and Mayor of Koru Village
Avon, NC

Palisade Waterproof, Grout-Free Wall Tiles

We have used the Palisade/DumaWall product in the shower/tub area in our spec homes. It was easy to install, less messy and expensive than traditional tile. The home owners have found that it is easy to maintain. Also, we have been impressed by the knowledge, enthusiasm and customer service of your team.

Trudy Luchini
General Manager
KB Pods, Granite City IL